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Our mission is to educate and empower businesses by streamlining bookkeeping through excel spreadsheets and QuickBooks

Nicole Anderson, owner of Excellent Bookkeeping Services, LLC is passionate about helping you EXCEL your P&L. She has worked in diverse corporate accounting roles for 25+ years, including time spent at Janus Capital and Western Union. Today, she uses her corporate knowledge and Bachelors in Accounting degree to support service-based entrepreneurs through QuickBooks Online or simple streamlined spreadsheets in Excel. Most importantly, Nicole’s goal is to make sure YOU feel CONFIDENT with your accounting processes and procedures.

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With years of Accounting experience, I can help you create a spreadsheet that will WOW your tax accountant with my affordable bookkeeping services. You will be able to hand-in a beautiful, organized expenses and income spreadsheet at tax time.

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  • I think what's important for you to understand is that I was horrible at keeping track of my money. If it wasn't easy or fun then I did not want to do it. Enter Nicole's spreadsheet. It is SO easy to use and the a-has that I've had just from entering my numbers has been amazing. I cancelled 2 subscriptions I wasn't using. I found extra money that I could shift to pay off something else faster. I have fun keeping track of all of my money coming in and going out. Here's the key to it, her spreadsheet makes it easy peasy to turn my info into my accountant. I no longer need to get an extension because I'm not prepared. Her spreadsheet and guidance saves me time, effort, and sanity. Thanks Nicole.
  • Nicole is amazing and really pays close attention to details and really knows how to drill down the details.
  • As someone who is not numbers oriented, it was a scary step for me to contact Nicole. I'm so glad I did. She not only made things easy for me to understand, but also set me up for success going forward as I manage my small business finances. I highly recommend Nicole & Excellent Bookkeeping Services!
  • I needed someone to help me put together a pricing spreadsheet, so that I could adjust my lesson pricing over the year. Nicole took my hand-calculated information and created just the spreadsheet I needed. We even looked at it together and she tweaked it for me in real-time. I could not have done this with a month of Mondays…so glad to have Nicole’s help!
  • I needed help getting data on my spreadsheets to tabulate for me and I was stuck and frustrated. Nicole was very patient, asked questions on what data I wanted my spreadsheets to represent, and explained what she was doing. What may have seemed very routine made ALL the difference in how seamless my data was presented. It has made me look like a rock star, all thanks to Nicole. Thank you so much.

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